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Lovely Loft Saint-Germain des Pres

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San-Francisco, USA
for a weekend
Oasis del Sur, Canary Islands
Oasis del Sur
Canary Islands
for 5 nights

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San-Francisco, USA
for a weekend
Oasis del Sur, Canary Islands
Oasis del Sur
Canary Islands
for 5 nights

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Company CryptoVilla is a Registered Legal Entity in Singapore
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At the moment CryptoVilla owns villas valued at $687,000
We released a limited quantity of CVL tokens that burn out during conversion to provide progressing token price
CVL is utility (minting) token. BTN is payment token. Our project is built on top of Ethereum.
Cryptovilla is a company with financial basis, own funds and a strong team behind. We are not a startup
Cryptovilla has fully functional platform from day one

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Our apartment's portfolio



Excellent option for retreat

Nashville, United States


Exceptional villa with private beach

Santa Catarina, Brazil


Luxury four bedroom House

Dublin, Ireland


Villa in the heart of Switzerland

Sarnen, Switzerland

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More FAQ

To book a lodging you should firstly have enough BTN tokens in your balance and follow four simple steps:

  1. Choose a country and a city to travel to;
  2. Choose a type of accommodation (e.g. villa, apartment, penthouse, etc);
  3. Choose the number of guests/rooms and the booking period;
  4. Choose a suitable lodging and pay for the booking with BTN tokens.

All booking payments are in BTN tokens only. You can either buy BTN on internal exchange by the credit card or acquire CryptoVilla’s token (CVL), convert it into a CryptoVilla’s booking token (BTN) receiving from 130% up to as much as 320% in BTN tokens, depending on the selected conversion plan. The second option is way more profitable, but if you in a hurry and need to book a lodging now, just purchase BTN on the internal exchange from other CryptoVilla members.

No, you can pay for booking only with BTN tokens, but you can buy BTN tokens on the internal exchange by the credit card.

After you send CVL tokens to conversion, you will receive BTN tokens every 5 days until the conversion process is fully completed.

You’ll receive the instruction with all booking details by email, also you can find it in the booking section of the backoffice.